make wellness a goal in new year

Harry and Megan are leaving the Royal Family.Its big news!Not sure why we should care, but we do.We are fascinated by their mystique and wealth, and let’s face it their beauty.Despite how much you care or don’t care about the Royal family, their decision to leave is courageous.Big changes take courage.When it comes to our health, deciding to change your lifestyle is a courageous one.We must admit to ourselves that we haven’t been doing what we should have been doing to take good care of ourselves… for a long time.We must admit that the 10 p.m. Cook Out milkshake run happens more than it should.We must admit that the water bottle with the cool stickers we take to work never goes below the 4oz line.

So how can you make that courageous decision to be healthy with less fear?Know what opportunities are out there to help you!Harry and Megan likely did some research when deciding to leave those castles and big allowances.You should research too!Would it be helpful to go to the doctor and get a physical to establish a baseline with Weight, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure? What kind of gym are you looking for?A 24/7 gym where other clients leave you alone and they don’t all look like they just got off a plane from LA?One close to downtown that offers trainers at your convenience? Can you eat vegan meals even a few times a week and not feel like you must wear a t-shirt exclaiming your love of animals to prove your loyalty to one type of diet?Have you considered homeopathic alternatives such as those offered at Revive?Hydration and Detox IV therapy can get you off on the right foot and help you maintain the energy and mental wellness you need to win this health battle.

Once you are on the right track with your goals maintenance is key. You are maintaining gym visits.If you cannot get to the vegan restaurant — make yourself a healthy salad. If you didn’t hit your water goals one week — hit the Revive IV Therapy studio for hydration.While you are there, reward your courage and determination with something fun!A facial or a 30-minute massage.You deserve it.Treat your body like royalty!

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