Revive Wellness was recently the spotlight story at WLTX19! We share more insight on our all of our different total body health and wellness services, along with our new memberships. Learn more about all that Revive Wellness has to offer!

RevIve Focuses on total body health and wellness. We offer everything from IV Therapy, Aesthetics, Physical therapy, and massage therapy. IV hydration can help boost your immune system, help with athletic recovery and energy, and even weight loss! We are able to tailor each IV drip to your specific needs as far as dehydration and immunity. We offer various Boosters, including B12 shots, help with overall health and wellness, energy and weight loss.

Aesthetics includes everything from a basic facial to a medically directed skincare program specifically geared toward your needs. We have options for resurfacing and wrinkle and texture repair for the skin. Body contouring with cellulite reduction and circumference reduction is a popular body service.

RevIVe offers different levels of therapy including Physical Therapy, Pulse Wave Tissue Regeneration Therapy, and Massage therapy. 

Our clinical team with extensive medical backgrounds can help patients navigate what therapies can best fit their needs. Clients are able to receive one-on-one attention from our clinical team to review medical history and discuss goals. We offer a beautiful spa like environment, but hold client safety as our number one directive. 

Memberships at RevIVe are a great way to bundle and save! With some of our offerings, it may take more than one service to accomplish your goal. Memberships make each service more affordable and offer discounts on services, some even up to 50% off! 

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